RIS News and Retail Leader Launch Inaugural Retail Sustainability Awards

The Retail Sustainability Awards, hosted by RIS News and Retail Leader, will take place in September at the first Value Chain Tech event in Seattle.
Retail sustainability
  • Retail Leader and RIS News have partnered to offer the Retail Sustainability Awards
  • The awards celebrate excellence in leadership and implementation of sustainable business practices within the retail ecosystem
  • The submission deadline is June 2; the awards ceremony will take place during the new Value Chain Tech event in Seattle

Retail Leader and RIS News have partnered to prevent the Retail Sustainability Awards, which celebrate excellence in leadership and implementation of sustainable practices in the retail ecosystem. 

According to a release from EnsembleIQ, RIS’s parent company, the awards are open to retailers and consumer goods manufacturers that have worked to innovate and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. 

RIS News and Retail Leader are proud to launch the Retail Sustainability Awards program to recognize the innovators and change-makers who have made sustainability an integral part of how they do business,” said Albert Guffanti, vice president and group publisher of Retail Technology Group at EnsembleIQ, in a statement. “Through their strategic vision, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative approach and commitment to change, these leaders are truly impacting the future of retail and the environment. We are eager to learn about all of the individuals and teams that are forging the future of sustainable retail.”

Eight awards in total — six of which fall under the Retail Sustainability Corporate Awards — recognize retailers and consumer goods manufacturers.

These awards include: 

  • Retail Sustainability Leadership Award
  • Retail Sustainability Initiative of the Year
  • Retail Sustainability Partnership Award
  • Supply Chain Team of the Year
  • Retail Sustainability Technology Implementation Award
  • Retail Sustainability Transparency Award

The other two awards are the Retail Sustainability Individual Awards, which include: 

  • Retail Sustainability Leader of the Year
  • Retail Sustainability Trailblazer of the Year 

According to EnsembleIQ, retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, technology partners, communications partners, and advertising partners are encouraged to make nominations. The winners will be honored at a celebratory dinner during the first Value Chain Tech event, also a collaboration between RIS News and Retail Leader, which will take place September 25-27 at the Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle.  

For more information about the awards, visit The Retail Sustainability Awards website.

This article first appeared on the site of sister publication Retail Leader.