RIS News for the week of July 12, 2004


Metro Group Races Ahead with RFID Rollout
The Metro Group will be the first retail company in the world to use RFID throughout the entire logistics process chain. A crucial step in the rollout is the opening of the Metro Group RFID Innovation Center in Neuss, allowing Metro Group partners to gain experience by testing RFID technology under real-life conditions. The Metro Group has selected IBM and Intermec among other vendors, to supply technology to support the rollout.

The first phase of Metro Group's RFID launch will start in November 2004 with around 20 suppliers. Later it will be extended to about 100 suppliers, eight central warehouses and 269 Metro stores.

Metro Group has chosen IBM to provideRFID software throughout its supply chain. Metro Group is automating its goods receiving process with the aim of eliminating stock counting errors and keeping customers happy by avoiding out of stocks.

The new RFID Innovation Center in Neuss, near Duesseldorf, will allow suppliers to test their RFID readiness logies for retail. IBM is providing the overall systems integration technology for the center. It will also be providing WebSphere-based RFID and data management solutions to Metro Group to help the retailer integrate their suppliers' processes into their supply chain. This will provide an instant view of the complete shipping process and the exact location of goods at any stage in the journey from the manufacturer to Metro Group's central warehouses and stores.

Metro Group has also selected Intermec Technologies to provide a range of RFID inventory tracking systems for its Innovation Center. Intermec is supplying RFID forklift, conveyor and dock door readers for the center, as well as RFID-enabled mobile computers and printers.


RadioShack Selects DemandTec to Continue Delivering Optimization
RadioShack renews its license to DemandTec Price several months early, and will also implement DemandTec Promotion in all 5,100 of its company-owned stores. RadioShack uses the software to understand consumer demand and develop pricing and promotion strategies accordingly. Implementation of the software was completed in nine months.

LPP Deploys Accenture and Retek's Merchandising System
LPP implements Accenture and Retek's merchandising, forecasting and planning systems, which provides the infrastructure required to support the Polish fashion retailer's expansion strategy across Eastern and Western Europe. The Retek Merchandising System records and controls data in the retail enterprise and ensures data integrity. LPP will use the new system to reduce inventory and markdown costs as well as increase sales. In addition, LPP is using Retek Demand Forecasting to produce accurate forecasts at store, SKU and day levels.

TJX Companies Acquire VoiceLogistics Solution
TJX Companies, the parent company of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls stores, acquires Voxware's VoiceLogistics solution after conducting an extensive pilot program that focused on logistics challenges unique to the retail and garment industry sectors, including a multi-lingual workforce. The initial deployment site for VoiceLogistics is the TJX distribution center in Woburn, MA. In operation today, the system interacts with workers and coordinates a conveyor system to optimize the picking and distribution of products to stores.

Food Lion Selects Bigfoot Interactive as Strategic Email Communications Provider
Food Lion selects Bigfoot Interactive to provide email communications solutions for ongoing customer retention and coupon incentive efforts. Food Lion will use Bigfoot Interactive's DREAM (Direct Response Email Applications Manager) ASP technology platform, utilizing a proprietary email relay server, which provides marketers the flexibility to manage and optimize delivery by domain and to adapt to frequently changing ISP requirements. Additional delivery optimization products and services include an array of suppression, hygiene, monitoring and consulting services.


Elo Announces iTouch Touch-on-Tube Technology
Elo's iTouch touch-on-tube technology uses surface waves directed onto the cathode ray tube (CRT) surface itself for unhindered touch sensing. iTouch technology eliminates the need for and provides a stronger faceplate than a glass overlay on the CRT. Thetechnology allows for the original brightness and clarity intact while providing the same, no-drift, stability of surface wave technology.

GDS and DSE Release 3-D Display
The GDS and DSE 3-D Display projects images that appear to be suspended as it produces 'external' rather than 'internal' images. The display allows for the re-purpose of existing 2-D material to be used in conjunction with 3-D material and can de driven direct from a PC or other signal sources such as a DVD player. The multipurpose displays incorporate new b2f (back to front) filmmaking techniques.

Global Payment Launches New Website
Global Payment Technologies launches a newly designed Website enabling visitors access to accurate and up to date information and may now download GPT's latest software, obtain technical and product specification documentation, and receive support through an on-line troubleshooting section. The launch includes an enhanced Investor Relations section.

ComtrolIntroduces 16-Port "Ethernet-to-Serial" Server
Comtrol Corporation expands its line of DeviceMaster products to include a 16-port version of its DeviceMaster PRO product. The DeviceMaster PRO 16-Port 10/100 Base-T device server provides bus-independent serial port expansion and a platform for hosting and running custom-developed applications.

Comtrol's PortVision serial port management console detects and graphically displays, in detail, every DeviceMaster server on the network.

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