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RIS Tries Amazon Fashion Virtual Shoe Try-On

Amazon Fashion just launched new retail technology to help shoppers make footwear purchases, and possibly avoid returns. RIS tries it out and gives you the details.
Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Amazon Fashion has launched new retail technology to help shoppers make footwear purchases and possibly avoid returns.

The retailer has rolled out Virtual Try-On for Shoes, an interactive mobile experience that uses augmented reality to help customers visualize how a pair of shoes will look on themselves from every angle. So far, the new feature is available to Amazon customers in the U.S. and Canada using the Amazon shopping app on iOS (models 7 or newer), but the website said it’s coming to Android soon.

Virtual Try-On for Shoes lets shoppers visualize thousands of sneaker styles from brands including New Balance, adidas, Reebok, Puma, Superga, Lacoste, Asics, and Saucony. In addition to shoes, shoppers can use the feature on some eyewear and T-shirts.

Once they select a shoe, customers can tap the “Virtual Try-On” button on the product detail page and point the camera on their mobile device at their feet to see how the shoes will look on. Customers can then move their feet to see how the shoe looks from every angle and use the carousel to swap colors of the same style without needing to exit the experience.

Shoppers also have the option of taking a photo of their virtual try-on experience and then sharing the image with friends on social media by clicking the “Share” icon. Photos are stored on the user's device and not saved by Amazon, the website said. 

RIS tried out the new technology, and apart from needing to update the app, it was a smooth experience. The shoe moved along with the foot. Depending on how far you moved your foot it had a few issues catching the angle, but overall it was fun and certainly interactive.  

“Amazon Fashion’s goal is to create innovative experiences that make shopping for fashion online easier and more delightful for customers,” said Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion. “We’re excited to introduce Virtual Try-On for Shoes, so customers can try on thousands of styles from brands they know and love at their convenience, wherever they are. We look forward to listening and learning from customer feedback as we continue to enhance the experience and expand to more brands and styles.”

Virtual Try-On for Shoes also provides brands a new way to showcase their products and to make shopping for their styles more interactive.

“Innovation and elevating consumer experiences are at the core of New Balance. We’re excited to showcase our footwear selection in Amazon Fashion’s Virtual Try-On for Shoes as we continue to look for immersive ways to engage our shared customer base,” said Melissa Worth, senior vice president of North America at New Balance.

In addition to the new mobile tech, Amazon recently opened the doors to its first brick-and-mortar fashion store, Amazon Style, sporting women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, and accessories.

At The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles, CA, Amazon Style is designed to help shoppers using advanced technology, including machine learning algorithms that produce tailored, real-time recommendations for each customer as they shop and touchscreens to request items be delivered to fitting room closets in minutes, as well as rate items to get new personalized picks in real time. Amazon introduced the team running the high-tech store last month.


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