Rite Aid Expands iPad Rollout to 300 Stores

Rite Aid reported that it is receiving positive customer response from its initial rollout of iPads to Wellness Ambassador employees in 40 remodeled stores. As a result, the retailer will expand the rollout to a total of 300 remodeled stores in 2012.
"All Wellness Ambassadors are especially trained to provide customers with information on over-the-counter medications and vitamins and supplements, and equipped with special iPad technology to assist customers in making decisions based on their individual symptoms and needs," says Matt Schroeder, group vice president of strategy for Rite Aid, in a recent call with financial analysts. "Our customers have responded very favorably to this unique service approach.
"We started the rollout of our new wellness store format with 40 wellness stores completed as for the end of the second quarter," continues Schroeder. "We expect to complete a total of 300 wellness remodels in fiscal 2012. Although we are very early in the process, we are seeing improving sales results in the first group of remodeled stores."
In addition to expanding in-store mobile technology to aid customer service, Rite Aid is extending its wellness+ program with wellness+ diabetes, which will feature an exclusive collaboration with WebMD.com. The free program will offer resources, management lifestyle tools and in-store savings to members with diabetes and caregivers.
Rite Aid also reported that wellness+ now has 44 million members, 69% of which accounted for front-end sales and 66% for script count during the second fiscal quarter of 2012. Additionally, 90% of members shop both sides of the store and almost 50% shop the store every week.
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