Robinsons Deploys Portal to Strengthen Retailer-Vendor Relationships

Robinsons Supermarkets has selected Manthan Systems to help it to work more closely with suppliers. Robinsons Retail Group, one of the largest retailers in the Philippines, is implementing Manthan’s retail analytics product, ARC Supplier Portal & Analytics, to achieve this goal.
ARC Supplier Portal & Analytics is a portal-based supplier-trade partner collaboration platform for exchanging information critical to key processes like order management, master data management, vendor performance, inventory management, promotions, rebates, customer insight and more. This platform improves business analytics, speeds up transactional processes and enhances retailer-vendor partnerships.
“Our trade partners will now have visibility on highly essential information such as the performance and stock levels of their products in our stores at any given time,” says Jody Gadia, general manager of Robinsons Supermarket. “They will also have the ease of tracking their payment details online. The ARC Supplier Portal & Analytics will definitely become a powerful tool for them to make proactive business decisions, thereby improving their overall business performance.”