Robots Clean 215M Square Feet in Ahold Delhaize’s Albert Stores and DCs

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman

Albert, an Ahold Delhaize brand and one of the Czech Republic’s largest retailers, said its fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) deployed across its Czech Republic hypermarkets and two distribution centers have officially cleaned over 20 million square meters (215 million square feet), completing over 92,000 cleaning routes.

The robots come from a partnership with Brain Corp and Tennant Co. During 2023, Albert will almost double the number of stores with robot deployments.

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“Last year we put a number of autonomous scrubbers into operation and this year we plan to continue to scale up their use. Altogether, almost double the number of robots will be operating in our stores by the end of March,” said Pavel Klemera, operations support manager at Albert. “Robots clean precisely, don´t skip any space and help our employees to save their effort so, they can use the time to elevate our customer´s experience.”

Having deployed its fleet of BrainOS-powered Tennant T380AMR and T7AMR autonomous scrubbers during the second half of 2022, Albert has fully automated the task of cleaning floors throughout its stores. With the combination equipment from Tennant and Brain Corp’s AI automation platform, BrainOS, the autonomous robots are not only able to clean while navigating within dynamic public retail environments, they also provide a suite of fleet management tools. These include BrainOS Mobile, which enables store managers to easily track machine operation and performance and ensure work is being carried out on schedule.

“With the current speed of evolution within the industry, the smartest retailers are increasingly acting like technology companies,” said Michel Spruijt, chief revenue officer at Brain Corp. “Through their national deployment of AMRs, the team at Albert have clearly demonstrated their highly progressive approach to supporting workforces and future-proofing their store operations using the very latest innovations that technology has to offer.”

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