RockBlocks Is Now Arigo

RockBlocks Group Inc., the provider of sourcing and trade management (GSTM) solutions for manufacturers and retailers, has announced the creation of a new trade name, Arigo.

The firm said the change (Arigo is derived from Latin meaning "beginning" or "source") better reflects the growing range of the company's business activities, new functionality and an increased emphasis on international trade and compliance management. It also coincides with the unveiling of the company's new modular software solutions designed for scalability.

The new solutions from the company now called Arigo are designed to be deployed as either a hosted (software as a service) SaaS or as an on-premise enterprise platform. With the new business model, customers can opt for the full solution, the Arigo STM Suite, or start with a limited set of functionality and expand capabilities based on need and budget. Arigo announced its latest update of the software suite, version 8.0.

The Arigo STM suite of products includes Arigo Private Label & Sourcing (PLS), Arigo Total Cost Management (TCM), Arigo Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Arigo Compliance & Quality Management (CQM) and Arigo Collaborative Order Management (COM).

"Our new corporate identity is the most tangible way to reflect Arigo's advanced capabilities, new functionality and modular implementation approach," said Arigo CEO David Diamond.

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