RockBlocks Offers Six Steps for Greening Global Supply Chain

RockBlocks Group, provider of sourcing and supply chain solutions, offers six suggestions for helping retailers achieve a competitive advantage while adopting environmentally responsible practices.

The strategies, outlined in detail on the company's web site, include: 1) Assessing the organization's current carbon footprint and its impact on the environment; 2) establishing basic metrics that measure the organization's carbon footprint for each of its sourcing steps on a scale of one of five; 3) identifying alternatives that produce fewer carbon emissions; 4) instituting corporate social responsibility initiatives and incentive programs; 5) performing a global environmental review and selecting suppliers that comply with highest standards and best practices for carbon emissions and; 6) building a sustainable brand.

"What retailers need to realize is that a green supply chain can be achieved in a manner that will save an organization time and money and improve product quality," said David Diamond, CEO of RockBlocks. "We've developed these six steps to provide organizations with a blueprint for meeting their environmental goals without sacrificing the bottom line."

The firm reports that its global trade management solutions enable retailers to visualize the entire sourcing pipeline "at a granular level" which facilitates the measurement, management and reduction of the carbon footprint.

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