Rockport Adds Innovative New Features to Web Store

The Rockport Company redesigns its Web site to include parametric navigation, multi-product views, social bookmarking and various other innovative functionalities. The latest features added to help customers find the perfect shoe and improve the overall user experience.

Rockport selected gsi interactive, the marketing unit of GSI Commerce, to spearhead the redesign. Rockport has partnered with GSI since 2003 for services including e-commerce technology, customer care and marketing services.

"It's important that the Rockport Web store incorporates the latest tools and functionality so that customers can easily browse our innovative footwear collections and quickly find the perfect shoe," says Russ Gallant, digital marketing manager, Rockport. "gsi interactive's design and photography solutions not only improved our customers' online shopping experience, but also helped Rockport to effectively communicate the offline brand experience on the Internet."

Features of the redesigned Rockport Web store include:

- Parametric navigation allows shoppers to sort shoes by standard product attributes such as heel size, style, and by additional attributes such as color and 'machine washable.' It also sorts shoes by categories unique to Rockport such as collections, technologies and occasions.

-All new product photography with alternate views help bring the products to life and allows shoppers to make informed purchase decisions through multiple product views and a variety of stylized angles that show off product details, such as stitching.

-Streamlined shopping with Express Shop and Mini-Cart. Express Shop allows consumers to stay within Rockport's online brand experience by allowing them to view an item in more detail. Mini-Cart enables shoppers to add items the Web store's mini shopping cart without having to load an additional page.

-Internationalization/retail locator helps enable multi-channel integration, drives in-store purchases and supports Rockport's global market with geo-location software. The software automatically displays the nearest Rockport brick-and-mortar stores for both U.S. and international users.

-Expanded product technology icons identify the type of technology used in products that make Rockport shoes unique and innovative, such as 'dynamic suspension'.

-Social bookmarking encourages shoppers to share their favorite Rockport product and connect with other users within the global Rockport online community by providing a quick link to their favorite social networks, such as Facebook, Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon.

-Featured products using Flash technology delivers a unique experience that highlights 'Styles of the Season' that complement Rockport's innovative fashion and technology.
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