The RoomPlace Reduces Signage Costs Retail Enterprise Suite

The RoomPlace cuts labor hours and costs with Retail Enterprise Suite from Episys.
The RoomPlace slashes the time it used to spend on sign production from three days to just one hour by implementing Retail Enterprise Suite.

"We have turned a complex, time-consuming task into a part-time job," says Vesna Telalovic, vice president of merchandising at The RoomPlace. "Prior to implementation, signage was produced centrally and distributed to all stores by outside carrier. There was a lot of waste as not all the signage was relevant to each store."

Since moving to Episys, all signage and promotions are sent directly to the store through the company's intranet, saving time and enabling The RoomPlace to respond faster.

"The system allows for quick review and correction of errors," says Telalovic. "If a mistake is made on a sign, it can be corrected and sent directly to the store within minutes; that is a real advantage of using the integrated system."
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