RSPCA Labels Rapanui a •Good Business'

Rapanui, a clothing label that aims to make fashion eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable, has won a prize at the annual RSPCA good business awards for its contributions to sustainability, animal welfare policy and for fulfilling its ethos of "doing business the right way." Founded by brothers Mart and Rob Drake-Knight in 2008, Rapanui says it strives to inspire people to make changes to their wider lifestyle by being open and honest about its supply chain. In response to the current state of the clothing industry, the company maintains, "It's not that people don't care, it's just that they don't know," and has designed an innovative traceability tool and eco-labeling initiative, aiming to inform and inspire people to go green by making it easy to find out where their clothing comes from and how it is made, "helping people shop quickly, with a conscience." 
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