Saatva Brings Its Online Retail Experience to Brick and Mortar

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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Direct-to-consumer mattress and home furnishings retailer Saatva has brought its online retail experience to brick and mortar with its first "Viewing Room."

The immersive 3,300-square-foot destination marks Saatva's first physical location, inviting shoppers to experience Saatva's full range of luxury sleep products, including five eco-friendly mattress types in all 11 comfort levels, organic cotton sheets and pillows, and designer bed frames.

Under a blue-sky ceiling at 969 Third Avenue (58th Street) in Manhattan, surrounded by natural materials and Mediterranean colors, visitors can find iPads and information stations throughout the space, which allow shoppers to interact with Saatva's collection at their own pace. Trained “Sleep Guides” are also available to assist and answer questions.