Safeway Launches Electronic Coupon Service Across 1,500 Stores

Safeway launches AOL's, a free, paperless electronic coupon service that applies coupons directly to the grocery store's savings cards. Consumers visit, enter their store savings card and select the coupons they want. Selected coupons are then loaded to their grocery store savings card and the coupons are automatically redeemed at checkout when the registered card is swiped. This eliminates the need for shoppers to bring paper coupons to the store.

Access to the coupons also is available through Mobile, which enables shoppers the convenience of loading coupons onto their store savings cards while on the go. From their cell phones or smart phones, users click on the coupons they want and within minutes of selection, the coupons are ready for use on the shoppers' grocery store savings cards.

"Shoppers are spending more and more time online and we see electronic coupons loaded to their shopper card as a way to better serve our customers," says Michelle Marian, vice president of interactive marketing, Safeway. "As Safeway launches the new couponLink program, we're excited to partner with to offer our customers a unique way to save at our stores and online. Also our customers who shop online at can use the digital coupons, which are a new and exciting option for them."
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