Saks Launches Interactive Holiday Displays with Windows 7

Saks Fifth Avenue unveils its interactive holiday window displays powered by Microsoft Windows 7 at its New York flagship store. The interactive displays showcase unique 3D animations behind Saks Fifth Avenue's holiday windows to tell the story of Saks's holiday children's book Twinkle, Twinkle Little Flake.

The windows showcase several of the book's most vibrant scenes, animating the story through over 20 synced video monitors, all provided by and powered by Microsoft's Windows 7. The windows feature custom 3D animations, and a voiceover of Twinkle audible to passerby outside. In addition, the windows are interactive and give customers the ability to share their holiday wishes via Twitter in some of the windows along 50th.

In addition to the holiday windows, Saks and Windows 7 have worked together to create interactive in-store experience lounges exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue New York Flagship shoppers. On floors 8 and 9, specially constructed lounges will house Windows 7-based PCs where customers can experience Windows 7 first hand on new PCs and ask Microsoft experts questions about both the hardware and software features. Customers will also be able to enter their holiday wishes from the new PCs in order to have them appear in the windows along 50th via Twitter.
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