San Francisco Airport Gets Futuristic Digital Displays

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San Francisco Airport Gets Futuristic Digital Displays

By RIS News Staff - 07/06/2015
A new interactive retail experience brings technology that could be used for digitally connected stores to San Francisco’s International Airport Terminal.

Pacific Gateway Concessions, an airport concessionaire with operations from coast to coast, partnered with San Francisco based technology firm Float Hybrid to develop unique interactive displays that respond to individual shopper interactions using Float’s Anything Interactive technology.

At the Where Traveler store in the International Terminal resides a Beats Headphone display and beverage cooler that at first glance seem like any other store fixture, but when a shopper approaches, lighting and a welcome screen are activated to encourage shoppers to interact with the products to access more information. The content on screen then changes based on the products the shopper touches.

See a video of the interactive display here.
“In this digital age shoppers want information in real time to make better educated decisions. We are using cutting edge technology to provide shoppers that education with the touch of a product,” says Kenneth Howe, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Pacific Gateway Concessions.

Float’s Anything Interactive technology also tracks shopper interactions anonymously and provides that data to cloud based analytics tools. This allows retailers to better understand shopping habbits and their customer’s path to purchase. The technology provides the ability to update content in real time and understand the impact of content changes on shopper behavior. External information including flight schedules, time of day and weather can all be linked to the type of content displayed, making the experience most relevant for shoppers at the moment of engagement. 

“At the end of the day it’s all about the shopper,” says Howe. “If you look at the response to our interactive displays it’s hard to argue that this isn’t something they are hungry for. We saw a 205% increase in sales units for our featured beverage brand and 120% increase for our featured headphones brand.”

PG Concessions and Float will be expanding the Anything Interactive technology to other retail locations and airports.