SAP Offering New IT Implementation Services Specifically For Apparel And Footwear

SAP America, a subsidiary of SAP AG, has introduced service offerings in North America that it says are specifically designed to help companies in the apparel and footwear, retail and wholesale distribution industries leverage IT for maximum value in the current economic climate.

Bundled with a customer's software license agreement, the "fast-track" implementation services from SAP are designed, according to the company, to reduce implementation time by 30 percent to 40 percent and overall cost of implementation by 20 percent to 30 percent, and provide best practices and expert consulting for retail, point-of-sale, manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

"Apparel and footwear manufacturers, retailers and wholesale distributors have many similar business challenges, including limited supply chain visibility, declining customer loyalty, shorter product lifecycles and inadequate IT landscapes," the company notes. "Fast-Track implementation services provide best practices for industry scenarios and the tools needed to plan, complete and expedite the configuration and implementation of proven SAP industry solutions."

The new services help customers implement solutions including SAP Point-of-Sale (SAP POS) and SAP for Retail (designed to help retailers improve multi-channel efficiency, promotions and merchandise turnover).

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