SAS Acquires Teragram

Also, Accelerates Teradata Partnership, Launches New Software Release

SAS has acquired Teragram, a player in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Combined with text mining, NLP helps analyze "unstructured" data, i.e., data not in databases, but from documents, emails, web pages, call center notes and many other sources.

This allows customers to bring together and analyze all data - structured and unstructured - ultimately leading to better, more accurate and more timely business decisions.

Additionally SAS has accelerated its partnership with Teradata such that customers will be able to benefit from in-database analytics sooner. SAS will prepackage its software on Teradata servers, providing customers with SAS analytics and Teradata data warehousing.

Finally, SAS has released the latest version of its core software, SAS 9.2. The new release offers enhanced analytics and data integration, improved deployment and management, and shared processes that help BI and analytics become more widespread and useable throughout an organization.

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