SAS Unveils Social Media Analytics Tool

SAS announces Social Media Analytics, an enterprise solution that helps retail marketers understand, predict and act based on social media data. The solution provides retailers with the ability to archive and analyze more than two years of social media conversations from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, discussion forums, and blogs.

SAS' new on-demand software also helps show marketers how people feel about their products or brands, who is influencing them, and how social media conversations affect business results. They can immediately apply answers to brand strategies, media placement, public relations and customer care activities.

SAS Social Media Analytics is built on SAS' advanced analytics and data integration. SAS Social Media Analytics offers the following:

Enterprise-level capabilities - SAS Social Media Analytics can collect and analyze large quantities of data, both structured and unstructured, from internal and external sources. Integrating with CRM and marketing systems, the solution aligns social media monitoring with overall business strategy and tactics.

A long-term view - SAS Social Media Analytics maintains a continuous archive of online data stretching back more than two years, building over time the ability to understand trends and update historical analyses based on new information.

Predictive analytics - The software delivers the ability to quantify influence, forecast future volume of social media conversations, and then predict their impact on the business. This helps companies allocate resources, create "what-if" scenarios and correlate key marketing metrics like brand preference, Web traffic, online campaign effectiveness and media mix.Extensible Language

Processing - Statistical models miss colloquialisms and slang. Unlike "black-box" offerings, SAS lets marketers and analysts adjust the rules that assign sentiment to topics and apply subject-matter expertise to improve statistical approaches and better classify text. This hybrid approach helps provide more accurate sentiment extraction rules that give a more complete picture of customer likes and dislikes and better answers to business questions.
Multi-language support - SAS Social Media Analytics can understand and classify conversations in 13 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.
Ability to take action - SAS Social Media Analytics delivers real-time insights through Web-based dashboards, reports and workflow-enabled alerts. This helps organizations respond in a timely and consistent fashion across brands, business units and service groups. SAS Social Media Analytics is being offered as an OnDemand solution and is now available globally.
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