Save A Lot Accelerates Plans to Modernize Store Fleet

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Save A Lot is accelerating investments to modernize one-third of its store fleet this year and the full 1,000 locations by 2024.  

The grocer, which operates in 32 states, is working with its independent license owners to upgrade stores with a more contemporary design said to derive from customer and associate feedback.

The new format can already be found in such cities as St. Louis, Denver and Tampa, as well as stores in Ohio. (See the photos above for examples.) 

New details will include brighter and easier-to-shop footprints with new décor and an enhanced shopping environment. Each neighborhood store will also include an assortment of regional products, including localized and curated product brands.

Kenneth McGrath, Save A Lot CEO, said the refresh supports its efforts to both gain and retain new shoppers, as well as increase its basket size.

“As we continue to focus on becoming the brand of choice for our customers and a go-to source in our local communities, it was important that our logo, stores and marketing reflected and reinforced our mission of providing quality products at budget-friendly costs that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers,” McGath noted. 

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