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Scalability and Flexibility: How Albertsons Meets (and Exceeds) Evolving Customer Expectations

Apr 19, 2023 02:00 PM EST

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When asked for one word to describe the current state of the retail industry, retailers overwhelmingly chose the concept of “evolving,” according to RIS’ 33rd Annual Retail Technology Study. Retailers are currently grappling with massive changes and immense disruption, all while trying to keep core functions consistent, resilient, and up to speed. In this uncertain environment, retailers must build robust systems and business models that can quickly adapt to changes. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in financial and tax processes. 

Join Albertsons, Vertex, and RIS as we lead an insightful and expansive discussion into the 33rd Annual Retail Technology Study, outlining some of the real-world applications to financial processes and the trends shared in the report. 

Join to learn:

• How the evolution of digital technology, including the tax calculation process, can help improve the customer experience.

• Business reasons to implement a tax solution, the challenges it mitigates, and how innovative technology makes it possible.

• The positive impact quality data collection and data management can have on tax calculation.

• The benefits of composable architecture - How transforming legacy systems maximize capabilities by implementing tools to do what they do best.

• Impactful changes your company can make to move towards a better, frictionless experience.

As your company evolves and grows, learn how to scale operational and transactional systems — across different sales channels, product types, and geographies.


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