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09/09/2019 -
Retail is rapidly evolving, and while today’s top department store chains are in no way guaranteed future prosperity, their all hands on deck efforts to sustain their share of the retail market are evident. Check out RIS’ annual look at retail’s top power players and the percentage of the massive retail market they control.

09/23/2019 -
Profitable merchandise management requires mastering a host of interconnected retail functions. Check out this podcast featuring two of retail’s most well known thought leaders and find out how AI can help get the job done.

08/14/2019 -
While the doom and gloom of store closings have dominated the headlines of late, IHL reports that the number of retailers closing stores has actually decreased dramatically over the past year. Check out all the cheerful stats.

09/30/2019 -
The 25-year Nordstrom veteran will oversee all aspects of Tilly's merchandising operations, including buying, sourcing, and product development. See who claimed the coveted c-suite post.

09/16/2019 -
Upping the ante in customer experience, Selfridges will be the department store in the world to open a permanent theater.

09/23/2019 -
In the face of fierce shipping competition this holiday season, Macy’s is testing free same-day delivery. Get the details.

09/30/2019 -
Following a successful small-scale pilot the grocery co-op is expanding its shelf camera, computer vision test. Learn how the new tech helps ensure product is in-stock and frees up associates to focus on customer service.

08/16/2019 -
These four challenges must be addressed to deliver personalized in-store experiences.

08/16/2019 -
Macy’s has turned to Google to help it improve business on the back-end. Will the large-scale distribution center plan and its additional retail moves this quarter help the struggling retailer?

08/22/2019 -
The quality of retail data is the question of the utmost importance, since data becomes the basis for pricing decisions. Every misstep in this area costs big time. But what does “high-quality” data mean?

08/28/2019 -
Retailers already hear merry sounds of holiday shopper traffic as they ramp up for another busy season. Harnessing existing and historical traffic data can be a powerful tool in helping retailers get ahead. Review three ways traffic data can help drive positive results.

09/03/2019 -
Retail in constantly in flux, and success today in no way guarantees future prosperity. Check out RIS’ annual look at retail’s top power players and the percentage of the massive retail market they control.

09/20/2019 -
It’s a bird, it’s a plane. It’s Walgreens? Starting in October the drugstore retailer is taking delivery to sky, testing on demand air delivery with Alphabet’s drone delivery service Wing. Find out where and what it plans to test, along with the two other companies joining the pilot.

09/17/2019 -
Bluemercury founders Marla and Barry Beck are stepping down, leaving Macy's to search for a new CEO to steer the beauty business it acquired in 2015.  Barry Beck, Bluemercury’s chief operating officer, will step down on September 20 to pursue a new entrepreneurial venture.

10/02/2019 -
Amazon is reportedly preparing to open a chain of grocery stores beginning in Los Angeles. Get the details.

08/22/2019 -
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has severed ties with the company and an interim CEO and a new member of the board of directors have been appointed. Get the details on this breaking news.

08/22/2019 -
One of the hottest trends today is the expansion of fresh products in virtually every segment of retail. The trend is a perfect case study of how the art of merchandising should (and should not) work.

10/15/2019 -
Digital technology inside stores benefits both customers and retailers if it is done right. These four challenges must be addressed to successfully embed an operational foundation for delivering personalized in-store experiences.

07/29/2019 -
The critical back-to-school season is in full swing and retailers can expect a modest increase in sales year-over-year. Hear the latest predictions on the season and what and where customers are buying.

07/29/2019 -
Some of the nation’s largest retail unions are pushing for reform in employee scheduling policies. Learn three ways digital workplaces optimize scheduling processes for retail employees.
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