Secrets from the 2013 RIS Software LeaderBoard

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Secrets from the 2013 RIS Software LeaderBoard

By Joe Skorupa - 12/09/2013
By Joe Skorupa
Even after creating 51 charts for the 2013 RIS Software LeaderBoard there are still hidden nuggets that didn't get published. One datapoint that has never been revealed is a top-10 list voted on by mass merchants and discounters, which ranks SAP, Oracle, JDA and others. See who wins this category and other treasures from the retail industry's only independent customer satisfaction survey ranking software vendors.
The 28-page RIS Software LeaderBoard is loaded with data. Aside from the 51 charts – one top-20 master chart and 50 top-10 breakouts – a few other factoids noted in the report include:
975 Vendor evaluations received
376 Retail voters
214 Voters < $1B in revenue
162 Voters > $1B in revenue
141 Specialty retail voters
122 Apparel/footwear voters
62 Fast moving consumer goods voters (grocery, convenience, drug)
51 Department/mass/big box voters
45 CEO/president voters
35 V-level IT voters (VP, SVP, EVP)
33 V-level non-IT voters (VP, SVP, EVP)
29 CIO voters
16 C-level voters excluding CEO and CIO
But with so much data generated for the report, there were too many lists and factoids to publish. Here are some that didn't make the final report.

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87 Vendors received valid retailer votes
60 Vendors received the minimum number of retailer votes
4 Vendors achieved perfect Customer Satisfaction scores of 5 (on a scale of 1 to 5) in one or more of the 10 Criteria (ROI, TCO, Reliability, etc.) that were voted on by all retailers (no breakout by retailer segment). These perfect four are: ANT USA, Cornell-Mayo, MID Retail and RTC Quaterion
3.75 Mean Customer Satisfaction score for all vendors that received the minimum number of votes
3.65 Mean Customer Satisfaction score for every vendor that received at least one vote
Leaders in Mass Merchants/Discounters/Big Box
The reason RIS has never published a top-10 list that featured findings about the mass merchant, discount and big box category is that we never had a voting pool large enough to develop valid data for this group. But as the LeaderBoard gains momentum each year the voting pool in all categories has grown and we now have reliable data for this group. We had the data, but we did not have enough room in the report to fit it in.  
So, here are the results in the Leaders in Mass Merchant/Discount/Big Box category, which includes all data (Retail Concentration plus Revenue Factor plus Customer Satisfaction:
  1. MI9
  2. SAP
  3. MicroStrategy
  4. Oracle
  5. Epicor
  6. Manhattan Associates
  7. Teradata
  8. Tradestone
  9. JDA (RedPrairie)
  10. Kronos
Looked at from a pure Customer Satisfaction perspective (eliminating points for Retail Concentration and Revenue Factor from the score) the Customer Satisfaction Leaders as voted by Mass Merchant/Discount/Big Box retailers are:
  1. MI9
  2. Cornell-Mayo
  3. Tradestone Software
  4. 360pi
  5. Teradata
  6. Manhattan Associates
  7. MicroStrategy
  8. SAP
  9. Kronos
  10. Microsoft
Study Methodology
By definition, customer satisfaction is subjective, so it is imperative that the RIS Software LeaderBoard has a deep pool of respondents. This year's survey includes responses by 376 retailers (up 18.9% over last year) who submitted 975 evaluations (up 22.2% over last year). The depth of the respondent pool means that customer satisfaction scores are based on rock-solid data to ensure confidence and reliability.
The bullet-proof independence of data is guaranteed by using an independent research firm, Litchfield Research, to gather all the data. After approving the mailing list to ensure no one except retailers are invited to respond, Litchfield manages the entire data collection process and sends a final report to RIS at the end of the project. This wall of separation is a hallmark of the report's integrity.

Click here to download the complete 2013 RIS Software LeaderBoard.

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