Secrets to Engaging Social Shoppers Revealed

Meeting the challenge to nurture shopper engagement on an enterprise scale requires using customer segmentation data that incorporates lifestyle information shared on social media platforms. But how can a retailer do this?
Kadima Lonji, director of global e-commerce technology for Luxottica Group Spa, will speak at the upcoming Cross-Channel Retail Executive Summit on October 3-5 in San Antonio, Texas, revealing how retailers can marry social media data with loyalty and customer databases.
In this session Lonji will share how one retailer is meeting the challenge and leading the way to a host of benefits that flow from building a rich customer database that smart marketers can use to increase both social media engagement and m-commerce sales.
Lonji's presentation will take place on Thursday, October 4, at 11:45 am at the Westin Riverwalk hotel in San Antonio, Texas. For more information about the conference and reservation information click here.