Securing Online Shopping

Web-based payment options reduce security issues at checkout

Consumers may still be avoiding online shopping due to concerns about fraud, identity theft and hackers. They want more options and 'hacker safe' security when it comes to checkout. In response, many retailers are offering online payment options. In fact, $$$ ON THE NET, Shift4's Web-based payment gateway system, processed nearly $15 billion in payments, representing over 92 million transactions for more then 11,000 merchants in 2005 — double the number of merchants over 2004.

Retailers such as Choice Hotels International, Puma North America and Gucci are using $$$ ON THE NET to process their credit, debit, gift card and check transactions. The system connects a merchant's point-of-sale, property management and ecommerce system to the bank/processor transactions.

Roots, the official outfitter of the 2006 U.S. Olympic Team, is reporting a 15 to 20 percent increase in online sales and a 25 percent increase in general Web traffic after implementing online payment from partner PFS web, an integrated business solution and business process outsourcer. ScanAlert, a Web site security certification company, and MODASolutions, a payment options provider, have teamed up to provide ScanAlert's HACKER SAFE and MODASolution's SECURE-eBill in order to boost e-commerce sites' revenues.

Secure-eBill allows consumers to shop using their online bank account, without releasing personal or financial information.

Similarly, Pay By Touch Online stores all shipping and financial account information in a customer's encrypted Pay By Touch wallet. Retailers also can determine the order in which payment methods appear on the computer screen, to encourage consumers to use options that are less costly for the retailer, such as the ACH called eCheck.

Pay By Touch eCheck (ACH) gives retailers' shoppers a direct link to the funds in their checking account, which they can tap into with the touch of a finger. eCheck eliminates the need for shoppers to carry plastic cards, enter PINs, or sign anything, but acts as an ATM/debit card. Shoppers no longer are required to write a check or show ID.

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