Security and Speed

The point-of-sale is one of the most technology-intensive areas of the store, and it’s no wonder. Customers hate long checkout lines, so speed is of the essence—but retailers can’t sacrifice security or they risk eroding their profit margins. Loss prevention solutions that operate in real time can prevent the losses from taking place. The LaneHawk BOB (bottom-of-basket) visual scanner detects items in the bottom of a customer’s shopping cart and interacts with the POS while the transaction is taking place.

Security also extends to the POS hardware itself: PCI compliance and good business practice make it a smart choice to secure POS hardware to the counter or checkout station, both to prevent tampering and to protect sensitive customer information. The MMF POS terminal stands ensure hardware stays in place.

The checkout is the one place in the store that all customers are guaranteed to visit, so it’s an optimal place for promotions. The VeriFone MX 880 offers a full-motion screen that can display a variety of visuals, combined with a secure transaction solution and a retail-hardened tactile keypad.

For managers and store associates, it’s often more important to be in the store’s aisles or the stock room than at the point of sale. The Motorola ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant keeps employees connected throughout the retail store, offering quick scanning of barcodes and an always-on connection to key enterprise  applications.

ETLaneHawk0910-(1).jpgTop-to-Bottom Loss Prevention
The LaneHawk BOB (bottom-of-basket) solution from Evolution Robotic Retail detects and recognizes items in the bottom of the shopping cart as part of the transaction taking place, making sure retailers get paid for these items. The visual scanner recognizes items without needing to scan their UPC code, and shares item descriptions and UPC information with the POS in real time.

ETSecureTerm0910.jpgSecure Terminal Stands
The new line of value-priced transaction terminal stands from MMF POS prevents unauthorized removal of payment terminals, which often rest on a counter secured only by a power cord. PCI compliance requires retailers to provide customers with secured payment transactions and protection of the customer’s information.

Promotions at the POS
The MX 880 payment terminal, the newest addition to the MX800 line from VeriFone, offers full-motion video display that allows high-impact promotions to be delivered at the point of sale. The display is accompanied by a tactile keypad, and the device offers secure transactions and a payment solution designed to withstand heavy usage.

etMoto0910.jpgOne-Click Barcode Scanning
The Motorola ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant gives mobile managers and store associates the ability to scan barcodes and gather other data, including photos, videos and documents, with one click. The user interface can be customized to provide access to key applications, both at the store and enterprise levels.

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