See How Amazon Key Works, the Ultimate In-Home Fulfillment

Joe Skorupa
Editor at Large
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By Joe Skorupa

What does it take for a retailer to go into a consumer's house and drop off a delivery? In a word, trust. Make that TRUST!

Check out the video below to see how Amazon plans to do it with the launch of Amazon Key, which includes secure IoT control of smart locks and an Amazon Cloud Cam managed by a phone app. 

Would I TRUST delivery personnel to enter my home for Amazon Prime deliveries? Nope. At least not on a regular basis, which would be required to justify the investment in smart locks and cloud cams.

So, who is the target segment for Amazon Key? Possibly multi-tasking, overworked, ambitious Millennials or Gen Zers, as shown in the video. Possibly renters or home owners living in neighborhoods where packages get stolen. Possibly...I am running out of possibilities.

Let me know what you think after watching the video. For more info, here is the news announcement. It's a very cool service even if multitudes of people are not likely to use it any time soon.