Self-Service Santa: Toys "R" Us to Deploy Wish List Kiosks Chainwide

Toys "R" Us is offering an electronic alternative to sitting on Santa's lap. The chain will deploy dedicated Wish List kiosks in all its stores for the 2010 holiday season, allowing kids to browse and print their hoped-for list of presents. The in-store kiosks allow parents to supervise the process, guiding kids to age- and ability-appropriate items. Shoppers can also use scanning devices within stores to create or update existing Wish Lists, and they can access, update and print the lists online at

The Wish Lists operate as a gift registry, allowing gift-givers to shop for items they know have been approved by the child's parents. The lists can be shared via e-mail as well as through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Once a gift is purchased, it is deleted from the list so that the child doesn't receive duplicates of the same present.

The lists also simplify returns and exchanges: Toys "R" Us store employees can look up any Wish List transaction by revisiting the purchase history on the registrant's list.
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