Sensient Launches Ultra Black Digital Printing Ink

Sensient Imaging Technologies S.A. announced the launch of the Ultra Black version of Sensient® Xennia® Amethyst,™ a digital textile printing ink for cotton and viscose.

The Sensient® Xennia® Amethyst™ range of digital textile inks is designed for high-performance production printing of cotton and viscose apparel and homeware textiles, and is compatible with major high production digital textile printing machines. For several years Sensient® Xennia® Amethyst™ has been the benchmark for color performance and printing reliability in the industry. The new Ultra Black ink is a premium addition to the range designed for textile printers looking for the ultimate in rich, deep blacks while retaining the well-known advantages of Sensient® Xennia® Amethyst™ in production reliability and printhead life.

"Sensient® Xennia® Amethyst™ is the market leader for digital printing of cotton and viscose textiles," says Dr. Simon Daplyn, Sensient product manager for textile inks, "and the new Amethyst Ultra Black extends that lead. Benchmark testing against other inks available in the industry demonstrates a clear and distinct advantage for Amethyst Ultra Black in color depth and richness. This allows textile printers to add a new dimension in jet black design elements and stunning contrast with the bright Amethyst colors already being used by those looking for ultimate performance."

"With the recent combination of Xennia Technology and Sensient, we have a wide ranging portfolio of high performance products and, we believe, the best innovation team in the industry," Dr. Daplyn adds. "Our development focus is on creative ultimate value for our customers, and we will be releasing further innovations in the next weeks and months."

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