Sensormatic Grows Retail Recovery Solutions

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Johnson Controls’ Sensormatic Solutions has expanded its offerings to help retailers protect its employees, customers and assets in brick-and-mortar store operations and warehouses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

These new offerings are designed to help retailers to adhere to recommended store occupancy and social distancing guidelines during the current situation and in preparation for the reopening and recovery period.

The ShopperTrak Real-Time Occupancy solution helps merchants understand shopper density within a store. This in turn can help them optimize cleaning schedules for common facilities or high-touch areas, or better understand their staffing needs.

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The company’s Thermal Imaging to Screen for Elevated Body Temperature provide thermal and color images of individuals or crowds entering the store. If the camera detects elevated temperatures above defined thresholds, a notification is sent to store or warehouse.

Consumer mobility data, developed in partnership with Unacast and complementary to ShopperTrak’s in-store Market Intelligence traffic benchmarking, helps retailers plan their store reopening and recovery strategies. Unacast’s opt-in, location-based data aims to provide insights to when and where retail will recover by understanding consumer mobility patterns and people’s comfort with public spaces.

A Social Distancing Scoreboard layers statistics related to new reported cases with changes in mobility and non-essential store visits, and provides daily community grades (A to F) to help retailers evaluate reopening individual store locations across their enterprise.

Sensormatic Solutions also provides CoronaGuard partition and containment solutions in areas requiring person-on-person interaction, such as point-of-sale, pharmacy counters and customer service windows, in collaboration with Polymershapes.


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