September 2018

  • Pacesetters 2018: 10 Fast Rising Retail Executives

    These 10 innovative retail leaders are out in front of the pack setting the pace for change in their organizations and the industry. See which transformative retailers made RIS’ annual look at the retail industry’s fastest rising executives.
  • Nordstrom’s New Twist on Loyalty

    Nordstrom is launching a new customer loyalty program. Uncover how the department store retailer will paint a portrait of each loyalty member to help it personalize the retail experience
  • Evolution of the Next-Gen POS

    Examine the disruptive forces fueling a massive amount of POS activity today and the desire to shift to a new platform architecture for the future.
  • POS Software Centralizes Retail Operations

    Download this Technology Solutions Guide to learn how point of sale (POS) software has evolved and what differentiating features retailers must be well-versed on when plan­ning their next POS enhancement or implementation.
  • Perfecting Customer Experience

    Download this Trendagram to explore how connected consumers are demanding a reliable shopping environment in-store and how technology downtime can have a negative impact on the retail experience.
  • Creating Efficiencies in Pricing and Promotions: Is Automation the Answer?

    There are opportunities for all retailers to automate elements of their pricing and promotions. Explore the four areas where this retail technology has the biggest impact.
  • Top 5 Grocery Retailers

    Today’s grocery store leaders are working hard to meet modern shoppers’ needs and evolve into a retail experience that works for consumers both today and into the future. See which retailers are setting the pace for change and thriving in this challenging marketplace.
  • Dick’s 3 Strategic Initiatives to Provide the Best Omnichannel Experience

    The sporting goods retailer continues to transform to meet the evolving needs of the modern shopper. See what it is focused on and the progress it has made across three key strategic areas.
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