Sheetz Adds Blockbuster Express DVD Kiosks Across 365 Locations

Sheetz convenience stores add DVD-rental kiosks across 365 locations. At the end of March, Sheets customers can visit NCR Blockbuster Express-branded DVD-rental kiosks 24-hours-a-day and rent DVDs for $1 per night with no membership requirement.

Customers can access the DVD rental kiosk outside the Sheets store, then swipe their credit card and are charged $1 per night. Customers can then return the DVD to any Blockbuster Express kiosk. NCR's outdoor kiosk can hold more than 900 DVDs each and provides consumers with an expansive selection of new and classic DVDs.

"At Sheetz we deliver convenience to our busy customers," said Josh Campbell, beverage and GM sales manager, Sheetz. "Our customers expect the best when they visit Sheetz, and we considered a number of different options when adding a DVD-rental partner. It is clear that NCR is thinking about the future of entertainment while providing the best customer experience today. We also liked that they were able to quickly deploy the kiosks across almost all of our stores. We believe our customers will enjoy renting DVDs from Blockbuster Express."
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