Launches Two-Hour Delivery in Canada

Canadian footwear and apparel e-tailer SHOES.COM announced a 2-hour delivery service on select footwear products. The first online retailer to offer on-demand delivery in Canada, SHOES.COM is elevating the Canadian e-commerce sector by bringing Canadians a level of service that's among the fastest in the world.

Customers can order select footwear products on SHOES.COM's Canadian website,, and have them delivered directly to their home or office in 2 hours or less. Among other benefits, this new service will enable a growing group of local fulfilment centres to benefit from SHOES.COM's technology, operations, and marketing without the costly overhead that comes with running a successful e-commerce business.

"Our mission remains to innovate and deliver new and better ways to delight customers," said Roger Hardy, Co-Founder and CEO of SHOES.COM. "The introduction of 2-hour delivery for Canadian consumers not only demonstrates our company mission, it puts SHOES.COM at the forefront of Canada's e-commerce market like never before, and will ultimately transform the way Canadians shop online."

Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., SHOES.COM has grown 300 percent year over year in Canada since 2012. The company recently raised $46 million in a non-brokered private placement and generates more than $300 million in gross annual revenue.

"As a Canadian e-commerce company, we believe Canadian shoppers deserve the same quality of service and access to product as our neighbours to the south. We're excited to bring the first 2-hour delivery service to Vancouver and Toronto and look forward to expanding this cutting-edge program across Canada."

The service launche on Sept.17 in Vancouver and Toronto and surrounding municipalities with plans to expand to Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Ottawa by the end of 2015. Deliveries are available on select brands on for $19.95 per order. Customers can place orders as late as 5pm.
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