Shopkick 3.0 Brings Catalogs and Item Reminders to Mobile

Shopkick, a location-based shopping app that rewards shoppers for walking into stores, has released a new look and user interface enhanced with more chances for shoppers to earn rewards. Brands and retailers can engage in an ongoing dialogue, from browsing stores and products at home to the time of in-store purchase.
"After two years in the market, we took a deep look at what we've learned from our users and partners, and asked ourselves 'If Shopkick didn't exist, then how would we build it based on everything we know now?'" said Cyriac Roeding, Shopkick CEO in a statement.
Shopkick 3.0 offers benefits for both partners and shoppers who can browse content-rich 'lookbooks' for items by store or brand, drag and tag desired products – then walk into a partner store, and an on-screen reminder will display when those saved products are available, and identify high-value shopping areas to plan a shopping route that also minimizes the number of trips taken.
"Shopkick 3.0 is all about inspiring our users to visit the stores they love, find products they should know about, and remember the ones they saved at home by alerting them when they walk into the store to get their walk-in rewards," continued Roeding. "Shopkickers will now be rewarded for browsing their favorite retailers and products, so with more ways to accumulate rewards we've created a beautiful app that encourages our users to treat themselves."
This allows shoppers to learn about products in a way that aligns with behavior in the physical world – it is the digital overlay on the physical store experience, with personalization, entertainment and rewards.
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