Shopko Exec Reveals Omnichannel Secrets

Inventory optimization and merchandising present many challenges for omnichannel retailers. From juggling channel-specific inventories to creating engaging, relevant merchandise assortments for existing and emerging channels, retailers must leverage the omnichannel experience both in-store and online.
Mike Sidders, vice president of e-commerce with Shopko Stores will provide insights around Shopko's vendor drop-ship capabilities and leveraging opportunities both online and in store, at the 2013 Retail Technology Conference. Learn how Shopko is using this initiative to create "exclusive" website product offerings and enable new product categories otherwise difficult to carry in store without touching the product and creating a seamless customer experience.
The seventh annual Retail Technology Conference will be held April 10 – 12, 2013 at the Omni ChampionsGate in Orlando, Florida. RTC allows retailers and vendors to take part in peer-to-peer exchanges, interactive Masters Workshops, and relationship building.
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