ShopperTrak Launches Market Intelligence, Customizable Retail Tool

In an increasingly complex and competitive retail environment, retailers and mall owners need innovative solutions to better understand their performance in context.

ShopperTrak, a provider of consumer behavior insights and location-based analytics, announced its plans to release a new, customizable benchmarking product to meet market demand. Market Intelligence, part of ShopperTrak’s sophisticated Performance Analytics suite, allows retail industry customers to view their performance against a host of benchmarks.

"In the spirit of innovation, we have retooled our market benchmarking to give our clients a highly customizable and flexible Market Intelligence offering," said Chetan Ghai, ShopperTrak chief product officer. "With products such as this one, ShopperTrak is committed to making continual enhancements to our location-based analytics based on advancements in technologies and feedback from our customers."

With Market Intelligence, customers will be able to create customized markets by grouping zip codes that align with their trade areas. Unlike any other product available, Market Intelligence will be available on a next-day basis. Available categories will include total retail, apparel and accessories, and electronics.

Added Ghai, "In consultation with our customers we discovered there is significant value in understanding shopping visits at a customizable zip code level versus a mall level. As a result of the ongoing collaboration with our customers, we will no longer offer shopper visit information at the mall level."
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