Shopping for Delicates? Check for Best Prices

3/3/2015 has begun operation as the first shopping comparison website focused on the brand name men's underwear and women's intimate apparel niche marketplace. The new business monitors the pricing, selection and availability of the latest underwear lines and links directly to these products on other merchant's web sites. The website provides to consumers the most comprehensive selection online. Visitors to will be able to shop for the best price on the latest styles of men's underwear and women's intimate apparel, shapewear and hosiery at noted retailers.

The retail of underwear represents 6 percent of department store sales and a domestic marketplace of over $20 billion according to NPD data. The goal of is to give its visitors the confidence of knowing that they will be able to shop for the latest styles and deepest selection available to the public and receive the best price from the matched retailers.

"Shopping online gives the consumer the power to compare prices on the same product quickly to ensure they get the best value," says Jeff Johnson, founder of "With this new business model, we can make sure that our visitors are able to browse with confidence from some of the best retailers online." is an Atlanta-based start-up focused on the essential apparel market.  The company continues to expand its website from a shopping comparison portal to also include the ability of mom-and-pop retailers to upload their products and sell to the public directly using the website's exclusive universal shopping cart.

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