ShopVisible Integrates Amazon Payments into Business Management Tools

ShopVisible integrates Amazon Payments into its suite of business management tools designed for online retailers. This enhancement to ShopVisible's e-commerce tool helps online retailers convert site visitors into buyers by providing a fast and secure method for consumers to pay for purchases using their existing accounts.

When customers are ready to checkout at a Web site powered by ShopVisible, they can click on the "Checkout with Amazon" button and enter their information. Customers will easily access their account, including their address book and payment information from to complete their purchase.

ShopVisible's Amazon Payments Integration Helps Retailers:

-Improve Conversion Rates. For account users, the Amazon Payments checkout process makes purchasing from your site easy, fast and secure.

-Boost Customer Confidence. Display the "Checkout with Amazon" button on your site to give shoppers comfort in a familiar payment method.

-Reduce Bad Debt. Amazon Payments leverages Amazon's fraud detection capabilities, chargeback controls, and risk management techniques to reduce bad debt.

-Stay Up to Date. Order details seamlessly pass between systems. Orders processed through Amazon Payments are delivered automatically to your order reports.
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