Silver Jeans' New Sizing Solution Helps Customers Find the Style that Fits

Although founded in 1991, the Silver Jeans Co. founding family has been designing denim for almost a century under its Western Glove Works brand, and fit has always been at the core of the business.

The company’s first silhouette, the “Frisco,” sold 2 million pairs, and since then Silver Jeans has expanded to include fits for all types of bodies. To help its customers better find the styles that suit their body types, whether straight or curvy, tall or short, slim or muscular, the company last year implemented a sizing solution from Fitcode to provide a curated, personalized, fit-focused shopping experience.

The simple process goes like this: After taking a brief, five-question quiz online, consumers are assigned a fit profile with corresponding Fitcode “badge” (a number that corresponds to the profile), explains director of e-commerce Mike Girardin. Users can select the badge to view sizing recommendations and details on factors that impact fit, such as rise, inseam length and stretch.

Behind the scenes, Silver Jeans receives data from Fitcode that helps the brand move more quickly to analyze its fits and sell-throughs, develop new products and also to understand how its inventory stacks up against its consumer’s preferences.

Girardin says Silver Jeans decided to move forward with Fitcode after seeing the positive effects it was having on sister brand JAG Jeans. “Fitcode puts a lot of research into their fits and body types,” Girardin explains. The profile system is based on specific body types that have been created through extensive and “high touch” development processes that involve actually trying various garments on varying body types. To apply its numbering system to a brand, Fitcode uses a cross-section of the brand’s garments, tries them on its fit models, and then assigns profiles accordingly.

“If you’re one number in JAG, you’re the same number in Silver Jeans, and also at [other brands that are Fitcode customers],” says Girardin.

And the numbers show it works, he says. Silver Jeans customers who use the system are 192 percent more likely to make a purchase; 300 percent more likely to return to the web site; and 236 percent more likely to view product description pages. Also, returns are less than half of what they were previously — 24 percent vs. just 10 percent for Fitcode users. Says Girardin: “That’s a big win.”

Jordan K. Speer is editor in chief of apparel. She can be reached at [email protected].

Editor's Note: Silver Jeans is a 2018 Apparel Innovator. Read about all of our Award winners here.


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