Sobeys Rolls Out AI-Powered Shopping Carts


Canadian grocer Sobeys is rolling out AI-powered Smart Shopping Carts through a partnership with New York-based retail technology company Caper.

The Caper Smart Cart will streamline Sobeys’ checkout, allowing shoppers to skip checkout lines, while enabling an engaging way to shop. The shopping cart is powered by deep learning and computer vision that identifies items as they are added to the basket. Through an interactive screen the carts provide shoppers with nearby deals, tailored recommendations, and recipes.

The carts complement existing retail operations without the need for any significant infrastructure or operational overhauls. The technology can be scaled quickly to serve many locations, especially valuable for a grocer with hundreds of locations.

"The best Canadian brands strive to be world-class by thinking ahead and placing their bets on unique innovations," says Mathieu Lacoursiere, VP, Retail Support at Sobeys Inc. "We're constantly looking for new ways to evolve the grocery shopping experience. Through our analysis of future retail trends, we are extremely excited to work with Caper. The Caper carts will enhance our customers' shopping experience and give our in-store teammates more time to engage with customers over product and new foods. This is a unique way for us to learn more from our customers directly."


Earlier this year, Caper launched with New York-based supermarket Foodcellar & Co., which has since seen significant shopper traction with a proven increase in average basket size and improved checkout efficiency.

"Sobeys is a sophisticated operator that understands the value of shopper experience and is executing quickly to bring customer-focused technologies to stores," says Ahmed Beshry, co-founder and chief business officer of Caper. "Our teams have worked hand-in-hand to bring this initial deployment from concept to live operation in less than six months." 

The solution islive at Sobeys’ Glen Abbey location in Oakville, Ontario.