Social Media's Specificity Boosts Customer Service Capabilities

Speakers from Anna’s Linens, Clarisonic, Groupe Casino and SAP discussed cutting-edge ways to reach the ever-evolving consumer at the January 11 “Retailer Roundup: Retailing without Boundaries.”
Taylor Evans, director of information technology at health and beauty care retailer Clarisonic, highlighted the importance of social media in the company’s brand growth and identity. “You should see the customer service people just light up when they are not just able to take a phone call but take a Tweet, drill down into it, see who did it, be able to respond to it and see it get resolved,” Evans said. “It is an awesome place to be. You can effect change and you can really affect the bottom line of the organization.”
Stephane Bout, CIO of Groupe Casino, stressed the importance of using mobile technology to provide a personalized shopping experience regardless of a customer’s location. Neil Watanabe, CFO of Anna’s Linens, acknowledged the importance of utilizing an executive dashboard to scale down the “tremendous amount of data” retailers must sift through in order to find actionable information and compare store traffic against the chain’s marketing efforts.
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