Software Licensing Allows for Future Handheld Scanner Upgrades

Honeywell announced the Voyager 1400g, a handheld barcode scanner with the ability to read a variety of barcodes for increased employee productivity. The 1400g provides omni-directional scanning of linear barcodes as speeds comparable to laser-based scanners. The Voyager can also be upgraded to read PDF417 and other 2D barcodes from paper or mobile phone screens at either the time of purchase or in the field due to flexible licensing.
2D barcodes have become increasingly popular in recent years as they allow larger amounts of data to be stores in smaller spaces. Many enterprises are facing the impending need to read 2D barcodes because of government regulations and supplier mandates. Other enterprises prefer to leverage 2D scanning technology to enable emerging applications, such as age verification and mobile couponing.
Designed for both hands-free and handheld scanning, the Voyager 1400g drives improved end user productivity and customer satisfaction. Users can manage deployed scanners from a single location with Honeywell's Remote Mastermind device management software, reducing support and labor costs.
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