Spanish Fashion Retailer Is Using This High-Tech Sizing App

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Spanish Fashion Retailer Is Using This High-Tech Sizing App

In Spring 2017, customers of Spanish women's apparel retailer Trucco will be able to use the new TrueSize measurement app from MySize Inc. when selecting sizes from the e-commerce's website. The official launch date will be announced following the testing period of the application on the Trucco system during February 2017 and will coincide with the availability of the Spring 2017 collection.

"We are always looking for ways to improve the online shopping experience of our customers. We believe that integrating the TrueSize solution, which is impressively accurate, will empower online customers to select the right size of the garment of choice, the first time.  Happy customers mean improved conversion rates and less returns. We all win," said Monica De Pablos, director of e-commerce at Trucco.

"The process is very simple.  First the customer downloads the TrueSize app. The customer then selects a piece of clothing from their existing wardrobe which fits the way they like. Next, the customer places the garment on a table and waves their smart phone over it. TrueSize then calculates the exact result. Based on this, the Trucco system will instantly recommend what size the customer should choose in the piece in consideration. No more wasting time with needing to return something that doesn't fit. No more wasting money with items that can't be returned. TrueSize makes online shopping pressure-free and fun which translates into improved customer loyalty and increased sales for the retailer," said Billy Pardo, chief of product at MySize Inc.

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