This Spanish Luxury Flagship Taps IoT for In-Store Experience

Spanish luxury brand Loewe selected the CXignited platform for its new flagship store in Madrid. Designed by brand creative director Jonathan Anderson, "Casa Loewe" was strategically developed to offer a unique and progressive customer experience beyond the tangible purchase.

CXignited's single cloud-based platform combines software, hardware and services utilizing RFID/Beacons/IoT to deliver a Real-time Local Positioning System (RLPS) that drives product digitalization, localization, personalization and product authentication across the Unified Commerce. Loewe is utilizing CXignited's ShopCX cloud platform to empower this new in-store experience.

"CXignited's ShopCX is the only IoT platform modeling physical stock data movements to real-time merchandizing actions avoiding any out-of stock (OOS) situations," said Luc Bellissard, CTO of CXignited. "ShopCX has been designed specially to conquer the challenge of unifying e-commerce and brick-and-mortar sales channels. Traditional sensors and networks cannot provide cost effective visibility of product availability on the shop floor. Our innovative technology converges the customer, product and location data together in a single view."

"CXignited provided immediate exact product movement tracking which enhanced our store processes by enabling a best-in-class customer experience," says Marcelo Baltzer Foucher, CIO and logistics director of Loewe. "Thanks to the unique reliability and freshness of the inventory data, replenishments can be optimized to satisfy every customer's needs. With progressive features like a real-time automated receiving process, stock runners only need to unpack and place products coming from the DC without any manual counting. They simply look at the receiving dashboard showing each ASN (advanced shipping notice) completion rate. Finding the right product in a compact back room now takes a matter of seconds. CXignited has quickly become the favorite sales tool for our associates empowering them with a smart mobile-based recommendation engine to service our customers during the entire shopping experience."

"The store manager is now aware of trends and conversion rate of products shown allowing for better positioning and continual readjustment of its visual merchandising," said Gaelle Delore, COO of CXignited. "Combining this indisputable performance and its nature of streaming real-time product and stock information to cloud-based servers, it enables new and dynamic dimensions for in-store processes.

"This includes increased shop floor merchandising performance, optimized product movements in real-time, dynamically allocating stock to any sales channel, and locating products down to the fixture level without having to leave a customer alone," Delore added. "Those extra benefits are immediately translated into profitability for our customers."

"ShopCX dashboards and reports allow us to build confidence using RFID as reference data to increase business. CXignited has also really helped us to exceed our goal to make Casa Loewe state of the art in terms of digitizing the shop floor," added Foucher.

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