Sprouts Farmers Market Uses Space Planning to Improve Inventory Management

Natural foods chain creates customized merchandising with Apollo Space Optimization
Sprouts Farmers Market creates customized planograms, improves inventory management, and boosts customer satisfaction with Apollo Space Optimization solution. The natural food store chain deploys space planning across a chain of 45 stores in Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas, to create planograms and collaborate with suppliers on store merchandising.

Sprouts offers farm fresh produce and a large selection of vitamins and supplements, all natural meats and an array of natural and healthy grocery items. Apollo enables Sprouts to analyze shelf space in relation to sales, helping reduce inefficiency.

"Sprouts is dedicated to providing a personalized shopping experience for all our customers. Aldata's Apollo solution enables us to create customized displays that reflect each store's unique neighborhood," said Doug Sanders, president, Sprouts Farmers Market. "Reflecting customers' personal preferences helps increase customer satisfaction, further boosting sales."

Sanders continued: "Apollo also enables us to work closely with our suppliers, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the shelf merchandising process. We believe there are special opportunities for suppliers to communicate their shelf merchandising objectives and financial advantages. Sprouts believes the use of fact-based decision tools, like Apollo, is a strategic advantage to those suppliers who work with us using the same language and analytical insights."
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