SPS Commerce Launches Trading Partner Intelligence Service

SPS Commerce unveils its new Trading Partner Intelligence Service. SPS Commerce's new Trading Partner Intelligence Service uses its Trading Partner Platform to help lower the cost of ownership involved in aggregating and analyzing data from multiple sources, including internal applications, retailer Point of Sale (POS) systems, 3PLs, sourcing companies, QA firms, carriers, brokers, and any other trading partners. Users of Trading Partner Intelligence insight on how to optimize their unique supply chain operations and achieve real bottom-line results. The Trading Partner Intelligence Service is delivered using a SaaS or on-demand delivery model.

With this new service, SPS Commerce delivers modules for retailers, including:

- Sell-Thru Intelligence Module helps enables suppliers to view sales metrics across any customer, any region/market/store, any product and any time period at any level. Suppliers can use this information to assess and improve how its customers sell its products.

Fulfillment Intelligence Module looks at fill rates from warehouse management and sales systems, shipment status data a logistic partner's systems, and order scorecards from retail trading partners.

- End-to-End Intelligence Module monitors the entire process and helps suppliers to determine the causes of good and poor performance. It combines sales and fulfillment intelligence with sales planning and forecasts from retail customers, production planning from manufacturing partners, and data from internal financial systems.

Perfect Order Intelligence Module provides key performance indicators across all standard perfect order metrics for retailers, including timeliness, completeness, damage-free, and complete documentation.

- Vendor Performance Intelligence Module delivers more than traditional vendor scorecards with its comprehensive portal that displays key performance data. Retailers give suppliers secure access to select data including daily dashboard metrics representing their scorecards. The service allows vendors to more manage performance against the retailer's expectations.
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