SPS Sourcing Simplifies Vendor Selection

SPS Commerce, Inc., a leader in retail cloud services, unveiled the latest advancement to SPS Commerce Sourcing at the company's annual retail industry event, SPS Commerce In:fluence 2017.

The SPS Sourcing solution takes advantage of the SPS retail network of more than 70,000 customers to help retailers identify and evaluate high-quality suppliers and brands that meet their specific needs. Once a relationship is formed, SPS onboards new trading partners to quickly comply with the retailer's requirements.

The new, easy-to-view solution enables retailers to expand and curate their online and store product assortments. Retailers gain immediate access to the status of their program and a digital snapshot of categories, items, item attributes and other relevant product information. Retailers such as SHOP.COM are using SPS Sourcing to expand product offerings in current and new categories that align with their merchandising strategies.

"Effective product sourcing is the key to creating an endless aisle, an essential component for successful retail businesses," said Peter Zaballos, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, SPS Commerce. "Quality and efficiency are critical components to providing scalable and efficient sourcing programs that meet the demands of today's multichannel consumers. SPS Commerce Sourcing offers those components and provides access to thousands of suppliers in the SPS retail network."

The new offering transforms SPS Commerce Sourcing into an end-to-end, source-to-fulfill solution that also benefits suppliers by quickly putting their products in front of more retailers to drive additional business opportunities. With it, retailers can identify and select hundreds or thousands of new products knowing their requirements have been validated by the SPS Sourcing solution.

Sourcing enables retailers to dramatically shorten the time to launch new products, by enabling them to select only vendors that meet their merchandising and fulfillment requirements.

Like all SPS solutions, SPS Sourcing goes beyond traditional boundaries by helping retailers and suppliers find one another and quickly monetize their relationship with one another.

"With SPS Commerce Sourcing, we are building out and diversifying our supplier base to offer consumers more brands and a variety of products," said Eddie Alberty, vice president of strategic partnerships at SHOP.COM. "We chose SPS because of its expertise with thousands of vendors that is broadening our assortments to offer the wide selections shoppers today expect."

As another benefit of SPS Sourcing, SPS digital retail strategists help retailers develop comprehensive, actionable sourcing plans for electronics, footwear, grocery, hard goods, health and beauty, home goods, specialty, sporting goods and toys.
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