St. John Turns Top CRM Techniques into Enterprise-Wide Best Practices

Apparel retailer St. John was seeking a way to turn the clienteling techniques of its most successful salespeople into repeatable best practices that it could apply across channels and in a variety of sales venues. St. John, which sells ready-to-wear and accessories collections in 45 of its own stores as well as upscale department stores worldwide, chose Escalate's Blue Martini Clienteling solution to replicate the customer relationship management tools of its top 1% of sales associates across channels and throughout the enterprise.

Escalate Clienteling combines the Escalate Relationship Marketing technology with a robust client book and product information repository, creating a single, easy-to-train and adopt selling tool that standardizes best sales and services practices throughout a retail enterprise. Business intelligence tools help St. John better understand its customer segments and purchase triggers. The CRM engine orchestrates the process of building stronger customer relationships by feeding the clienteling application the most relevant alerts and tasks for each customer, so St. John's associates can proactively contact customers for each special event, relevant merchandise arrival, anniversary or birthday.

"We are excited to kick off our implementation of Escalate Clienteling and Retail CRM," said Bruce Fetter, president and COO of St. John. "This initiative aligns perfectly with our current goals of retail store sales growth and working toward seamless all-channel commerce—all while continuing to provide our clients with the absolute best in customer service."
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