Staples to Accept Other Retailers' Returns this Holiday Season

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
Lisa Johnston CGT

Staples will accept online returns from other retailers this holiday season through a partnership with Optoro.

The contactless service, which will be offered at more than 1,000 Staples stores, leverage tech from Returnly and includes Staples within the Express Returns network. Shoppers will receive a QR code and return drop-off instructions via an online returns portal. They then can bring the code and return to one of the participating brick-and-mortar locations without needing to print a label or package the return.

“Through this partnership with Optoro, Staples Stores are able to provide safe, contactless return options so customers at 1,000 locations can spend less time on the go and more time at home with family this holiday season,” said Craig Grayson, VP/general merchandising manager, print and marketing services, Staples U.S. retail. “The integration of Express Returns will alleviate the stress consumers often face when looking for an easy and efficient way to return products.”

While retailers accepting other merchants’ items for return is unusual, it’s not completely unheard of: Kohl’s accepts Amazon returns at all of its stores.

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