Staples Extends In-Store Signage Printing to 320 Canadian Stores

Staples Canada is implementing an in-store solution for printing shelf-edge signs and labels in its 320-plus stores. The AccessVia Web dSignShop allows the office products retailer to produce signs in both English and French, and offers a French-language interface for stores with Francophone employees. The Web dSignShop uses data from a central source to deliver on-demand sign and label printing capabilities to stores.

"Having the ability to create and print signs in full color with incorporated images will automate the process of creating special bundle signs, provide greater flexibility in the layout/design of signage and eliminate our dependency on pre-printed signage templates," said Staples process improvement manager Joe Sherratt in a statement. "New associates learn the system much faster with fewer errors, which all adds up to time saved and reduced waste."

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