Stein Mart Optimizes Store Performance with New Merchandising Suite

Stein Mart selects a suite of Oracle Retail merchandising and planning applications to support its strategy for delivering fresh merchandise and improving profitability across its 267 department stores.

The implementation of Oracle Retail applications is part of a larger business transformation that Stein Mart is undertaking to improve margins and bolster overall performance.

Stein Mart uses the applications to help optimize store performance by enabling the retailer to identify merchandise that aligns with customer demand, plan assortments, allocate inventory and execute advanced pricing and promotion strategies.

Stein Mart also uses the Oracle Retail applications to help improve its merchandising operations by gaining better insight to customer preferences and executing changes that will help enhance the customer experience and improve store and item performance.

Stein Mart also selected Oracle Retail Size Profile Optimization to help maximize assortment productivity and ensure better alignment of the right merchandise in the right sizes to meet customer demand and improve customer service. Oracle Retail Size Profile Optimization helps retailers create optimal profiles of size distribution by both merchandise category and by store.

Oracle Retail applications will replace its customized legacy systems, help reduce costs and establish a more flexible technology foundation to support growth and changes across the business.

"Stein Mart's investment in merchandising and planning operations is a critical part of our long-term strategy to transform the business," said Andrew Black, Chief Information Officer, Stein Mart. "We selected Oracle because of the company's proven track record helping retailers to drive business value and ability to sustain a long-term partnership with Stein Mart."
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